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REAL LIFE Self-Defense

REAL LIFE Self-Defense

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Clearwater, FL — When the state of affairs calls for, we wish to imagine we’ve what it takes.

We wish to imagine we are able to deal with ourselves when confronted with an attacker. It’s not a state of affairs anybody needs to consider, however we wish to suppose we might defend ourselves when a thug thrusts a knife in your face or pushes a gun into your chest.

The surprising reality is most individuals don’t. In this extremely pressurized state of affairs, most individuals crumble.

Because opposite to fashionable perception, when issues go south we do not rise to the problem. We fall again to our greatest stage of preparation… and for many meaning NONE.

Mistakes that don’t simply depart you damage… errors that would depart you mendacity face down in a pool of your personal blood.

I’m positive you’ve heard all of the scare techniques earlier than.

I do not imply to sound like a hyped-up information piece… however the fact is police report after police report factors to the identical factor:

Ordinary folks get it unsuitable when coping with violent offenders.

They lose it. They give in. They let their attacker management the state of affairs.

They simply do not know the way to take care of violence when it is taking part in out in entrance of them.

In a second I’ll share with you the THREE most typical errors each sufferer makes that it’s worthwhile to keep away from, however earlier than that permit me introduce myself…

My title is Mike Westerdal, SPC (Strength Psychology Certified). I’m a private coach, nationwide greatest promoting bodily preparedness creator in addition to the founding father of the web’s longest-standing energy website,

I’m chatting with you right now not simply as a coaching knowledgeable however as a father and a husband… who would do something to guard his household.

You see, I discovered one thing a very long time in the past about defending your self.

I used to get pushed round once I was youthful. I spent years build up my physique and turning into stronger. I received mentally and bodily powerful the arduous manner. As I received greater, I discovered to deal with myself. Working in safety, I discovered first-hand how violence actually performs out.

If you’re a police officer or serve within the army you be taught to learn a state of affairs higher than extraordinary residents. Active service teaches you what violence REALLY appears to be like like.

You see, there’s an issue with how we see violence on this nation and it’s why most individuals go to items when unhealthy issues occur…

If you need to perceive the basis of all the issues with violence on this nation, do not take a look at weapons. Don’t take a look at knives. It’s nothing to do with any weapon.

Instead, you may see the issue cowering like a scared little animal behind the couch.

We’ve turn into a society of mentally weak wimps. Modern life not requires us to have the psychological energy we have to hunt for meals or struggle for survival.

Back once I was a child, we lived in a extra bodily period to place it mildly.

Certain issues didn’t get solved by calling a lawyer. Fists had been the reply when issues received tough… and afterwards each events would shake arms like gents.

Back then, violence did not frighten folks as a lot. As violence has turn into much less a part of our on a regular basis lives, after we do see it, it’s SHOCKING.

Nowadays, we won’t see violence with out operating away screaming.

I’m not saying we must always return to settling each dispute with our fists. I’m telling you this to clarify why most individuals are left paralyzed when violence performs out.

But worst of all it leaves us weak…

Your largest weapons towards worry are data and preparation. And that’s why it pays to have the world’s foremost knowledgeable in making ready you for something in your aspect.

Meet Mike Gillette, world famend tactical coach and worry administration knowledgeable who has skilled extra elite brokers and people within the artwork of dealing with “complex” conditions than anybody else.

Mike is the embodiment of toughness. Mike Gillette was one of many smallest and weakest children in his class who grew up in a family overwhelmed by home violence and substance abuse.

Yet, he overcame all this to turn into a REAL LIFE motion hero.

It’s no phrase of an exaggeration to say that in relation to “handling the situation”, Mike is untouchable.

And now I’m going to say one thing that may SHOCK you.

That all Mike’s hard-won expertise, {qualifications} and time within the discipline can’t match what I think about to be Mike’s best asset.

Put merely, there’s no-one else on the planet who has the power to take somebody – ANYONE – and present them the way to turn into mentally sturdy and bodily succesful in document time.

That’s why there’s no-one else on the planet value listening to on this topic aside from Mike Gillette.

Before I introduce you to Mike, I must get one thing out of the best way and that is actually essential…

Want to know what’s worse than strolling round fearful of EVERYTHING round you?

Yes, you’ve received it: strolling round with the FALSE BELIEF you are utterly secure.

If you are studying this and suppose you recognize what to do for those who had been attacked, take into consideration this…

Where did you get your recommendation from? A YouTube video or article on the web from a no-name “expert”? Or from tactical coach and former bodyguard, Mike Gillette.

Who do you TRUST extra together with your life?

I’m not saying all recommendation out there may be unhealthy. I’m saying it pays to know WHO is giving the recommendation. Advice is simple to present, but if it is unsuitable… the stakes are greater for you.

I’m sick of studying B.S. info from nameless keyboard warriors who know NOTHING. Who’ve NEVER skilled the shock of getting somebody push a gun into their chest. Who have NEVER felt the phobia of a knife waved in anger at their face. Who do not have the scars of taking over a number of attackers… and SURVIVING.

He’ll let you know it is nothing like the films. It’s soiled. It’s painful. It’s over in seconds. And whatever the end result… it’s going to be the worst day of your life.

Whether you retain your cool and reside to struggle one other day… or find yourself face down in a gutter is determined by YOU.

The drawback is you’ve got been misled. The unsuitable info might depart you lifeless. That’s why it’s worthwhile to know…

Whatever you do, do not hearken to the unhealthy man. Believing what the unhealthy man is telling you is unhealthy on your well being.

“Do what I say and you won’t get hurt…”

You believe that? It’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make… Don’t believe a word coming out of a bad guy’s mouth.

Let me tell you, NOBODY is smoother than a career criminal. He knows how to manipulate you. He does it without thinking.

Of course he would. He practices all the time.

You can’t take his words at face value. You need to take action. Which leads us to the next huge mistake…

Having worked in law enforcement, Mike will tell you there’s an important pattern with attack crimes you need to know.

There’s usually a crime scene “A” AND a crime scene “B”.

Let me explain. Where the attack starts isn’t always where it ends. If an attacker has a plan for you, most will want to take the victim from one location to another.

And, sadly, nearly every victim AGREES.

Here’s what you need to know. If the attacker tries to move you from one location to another, it shows they’re NOT in control.

He can’t control you or the environment…. that’s why you should NEVER go with him. If you go with him, something horrible will happen to you.

It’s crazy. Most people resist reality even when reality is about to KILL them.

Call it polite society, call it fear of looking stupid… people will watch a situation go south and not do a thing for as long as possible.

Here’s the problem. EVERYTHING in our society tries to suppress our intuition. We’ve no longer trust our gut. You know when something is going wrong. You feel it in the pit of your stomach… but you still try to ignore it.

DON’T! Learning how to reverse years of ignoring how we feel will serve you well. Intuition is your body’s warning system that something’s not right. If it’s goes off, take NOTICE.

Too many people are too concerned about the consequences of making a scene or mistaking the situation and overreacting. Sure, there’s the fear of being embarrassed but what if your intuition is right and you do nothing…?

If you’re reading this and thinking “this will NEVER happen to me” understand this…

Good people don’t go to bad places, bad people go where good people are.

Again, I don’t tell you this to scare you. That’s the last thing I want. And I’m not peddling cheap fear tactics to get you to buy anything.

If you’re worried confronting this means accepting the world is a bad place, don’t. But there ARE people who do BAD things in this world.

And they’re not just “on the opposite aspect of city” or “in a shady neighborhood”.

It’s a myth muggers hide out in dark alleys. Or attackers sit in bushes preying on women walking through the park. Just waiting for you.

We don’t make those mistakes.

People who want to hurt you or your family go where there are people.

That may be a ball game. A subway. A crowd. An event. A school. Even to the front door of your own home, like this violent predator in Manhattan (“In every case, the suspect follows his victims into their buildings once they open the front door…” )1

It is PREDICTABLE for them.

That’s why it’s shocking when bad things happen in your good neighborhood. Or places that are familiar to the victim.2

And it’s why advice that tells you to avoid those bad places is useless. You already KNOW to avoid those places. That’s called “frequent sense”.

It’s WORSE than ineffective. It’s DANGEROUS. Because it provides you a false sense of safety that you’re going to by no means get into hassle for those who keep away from hassle spots.

Once you perceive the reality, all of it modifications. Knowing how an attacker’s thoughts works does not make you similar to them. It provides you a bonus OVER them.

Now you recognize why it’s essential to be taught from somebody who actually is aware of the lay of the land.

That somebody is Mike Gillette…

If Mike solely had time to point out you only one transfer this could be it.

It’s easy and simple to carry out whereas creating a big end result and it is one thing no person is anticipating.

No one protects their neck from strikes.

Plus you’ll be placing together with your forearm which is a really troublesome space so that you can injure on your self.

The goal is the aspect of your attackers neck the place you may discover the
bracial plexus (motor nerve) and a superficial nerve known as the
Greater Auricular Nerve.

When this space is hit it creates a nervous system stun that nearly shuts off your attacker’s physique for a couple of seconds.

It’s a really critical method. In some regulation enforcement circles this transfer is
categorised as a lethal pressure method.

Only use this method in self protection below the suitable authorized, moral and ethical circumstances.

The stun can final for 3 to 7 seconds and generally longer.

The Brachial Stun is a legit, one-strike knockout method.

Step 1: Swing your forearm from the aspect with a slight downward angle into the aspect of your attacker’s decrease neck.

You are mainly whipping a relaxed limb horizontally into the aspect of your attacker’s neck.

Landing any a part of the forearm shall be efficient and create a nervous system stun.

Step 2: Rather than letting your forearm bounce off your attacker’s neck you need to switch extra pressure by pausing on the finish of the strike to let it sink in.

Let me hand over to Mike G for a second to let you know a narrative that effortlessly demonstrates the facility of his studying method.

It comes from his time coaching the cabin crew of United Airlines after 9/11 to point out them the way to deal with terrorists in gentle of the heightened menace.

Thanks. Before I let you know the story of a woman known as Lola, I need to be sure you totally perceive this lesson. You see it’s a typical false impression that understanding the way to take care of violent habits by some means means you settle for it.

Nothing might be farther from the reality. Violence in any kind is unacceptable… however hiding your head within the sand and pretending it doesn’t occur or received’t occur to you is harmful.

The transformation I’m about to explain isn’t only a bodily change. It is a mindset change. Because when you perceive the facility of growing the psychological fortitude to deal with a state of affairs you notice that…

And that’s precisely what occurred with this story of a woman named Lola.

During certainly one of my counter terrorist coaching workshops for United Airlines, I first met Lola. In reality, I remembered so vividly the second I noticed her tiny, unassuming body shuffle by means of the door into the coaching room.

You see, Lola was certainly one of United’s most skilled cabin crew. She was 70 years outdated and an old-school customer support professional. Her entire profession was devoted to serving others and making her prospects really feel secure and cozy. This was manner out of her consolation zone.

I had a couple of hours so as to add a extra muscular aspect to her. I needed to present her the way to determine and disable a potential terrorist menace.

A involved supervisor took me apart simply earlier than we began and whispered below his breath: “Er… Mike, is these things you are educating secure? Is it secure for our folks to coach on this manner?”

He said this, one eye clearly on sweet little Lola.

I smiled at him, knowing what was going to happen next.

Less than an hour later, I experienced something special…

Lola was bringing the thunder.

She had pinned a 25 year-old woman on the floor and needed to be stopped.

If Lola, a gentle, caring lady and grandma could learn to defend herself and more, in less than an hour, so can you.

What makes Lola’s story even more powerful is something else that she brought. You see, there were others in that room who were younger, or bigger, or more physically capable… but I knew right away they didn’t have the same fight as Lola.

And that’s because Lola WANTED IT. If you want to learn how to bring thunder of your own, you have to ask yourself…

You see everyone says they want to learn to protect themselves.

Everyone says they want to do what it takes to protect their family and loved ones.

But when it gets down to it… you have to commit.

I can teach you how to become that person you want to be. The guy or girl who instinctively knows what to do when the going gets tough. The one person in the room who is cool, calm and collected when everyone else is losing it.

If you want to be that person, I can show you how.

But if you can’t commit – and I mean commit RIGHT NOW – you’re probably not ready.

As I’ve demonstrated knowing how to deal with an attacker has two parts: a physical side and mental side. Your success has the same two parts. Before we deal with the physical side, you have to be there mentally.

Is that you? Are you that person? Because if you are, let’s do this. I believe in you… and I want to give you all the skills you need.

Whether you’re a college student, a 35 year old couch potato who’s never lifted a fist in anger or a 70-year old grandma, the minute you finish this program you’ll have the ability to SERIOUSLY hurt someone.

In three parts, Mike Gillette is your personal instructor in the art of REAL LIFE Self-Defense. Using his proven rapid teaching method, Mike moves you from zero to master in a matter of hours.

He reveals the “secret” techniques honed over decades in the field at the highest level for the first time ever.

They’re like you and I. And he transforms each of them into a dangerous weapon using only their body.

Designed to be immediately useable, we recommend you watch and learn along with Mike and his students. You won’t believe your eyes when you see what his students achieve after only an-hour learning from Mike.

You need to get prepared now, so we don’t waste a moment. Everything you need in the exact amount of time needed to cover it. No filler, no BS, no messing about.

Mike Gillette pulls back the curtain on the secret tactics those “in-the-know” use to take care of “situations”.

Best of all, you’ll learn how to practice these moves without killing anyone. And it’s so simple you can learn this today and teach a family member or loved on, tomorrow. Believe me, you’ll become dangerous in the shortest time possible…

If your version of self-defense involves reaching for a gun or a baseball bat by the side of your bed, you’ve a problem. Consider this a wake-up call: you’re not prepared.

Understanding how to use your body as a natural weapon gives you an in-built advantage over an attacker. You will never suffer from a lack of preparedness.

As Mike says: “You don’t get to pick your assailant, they get to pick you…”. In this part, you’ll uncover the way to achieve so huge a bonus in any state of affairs it doesn’t matter how huge or tall your attacker.

You needn’t main in martial arts to be taught the artwork of the strike.

You have seconds to reply successfully in a violent encounter. What you do in these important moments makes the distinction.

Reacting to the state of affairs comes first; understanding the way to management the topic resolves the state of affairs.

The third component of REAL LIFE Self-Defense offers with takedowns and what to do if you’re pinned, chocked or grabbed from behind.

Few eventualities are extra terrifying than an attacker coming at you with a blade.

A knife assault represents a extra speedy and harmful state of affairs than every other weapon. A easy

In REAL LIFE Knife Defense, Mike Gillette reveals you ways to answer a knife assault and get to security.

With a couple of easy strikes, defend your self and reply to any state of affairs a knife attacker throws at you.

If you’re feminine or have feminine family members, this might be essentially the most highly effective factor they get their arms on this 12 months, subsequent 12 months and for the remainder of their lives. No-one deserves to undergo the horror of rape…

In this video sequence, Mike demonstrates easy strikes which have a critical affect in your security… and your potential rapist’s well being.

Mike is among the few who can stroll the speak. His operational expertise mixed along with his capability to switch the data, abilities and talents in his coaching to anybody, is second to none.

His methodology is sound and anchored in actual world eventualities, not simply idea utilized in an untested atmosphere. His system depends on key rules… which can be easy, efficient and simply recalled below stress which is what separates him from everybody else.

Todd Lamb
SWAT Team Leader (ret)

Mike Gillette is aware of “danger”. In his line of labor, there’s no room for error and a violent assault usually comes as a no-warning ambush that may solely be survived by using brutal, no-nonsense techniques that may cease an attacker as shortly as potential and never depend on energy, measurement, or a protracted document of earlier struggle expertise.

If your aim is to really survive a violent assault on the road, in a car parking zone, or in your house – know that Mike’s combating system relies on real-world expertise (NOT “theory”!) and will imply the distinction between going house to your loved ones… or headed to the hospital at the back of an ambulance (or worse). Why would YOU accept something much less?

Jeff Anderson
Editor “Modern Combat & Survival” Magazine

I completely love the REAL LIFE Self Defense program. When stress ranges are excessive, nice motor abilities diminish, tunnel imaginative and prescient happens, and adrenaline spikes.

The self-defense actions on this program are easy, efficient, and simple to recollect throughout a hostile encounter. These movies will instill confidence, particularly for girls with out expertise in self-defense techniques, whereas reinforcing a survivor mentality to actually struggle by means of an assault.

Women MUST watch “rape escape” to be taught these esteemed protection methods. I can’t specific the worth and affect these movies can have on one’s life.

Michelle Di Capua
Venice, FL

Mike Gillette is the true deal! He teaches the best best and most secure strategy to escape any confrontation that you could be get into. I extremely suggest this program to each single individual on the market as these abilities are important for any human being of any age.

Mike Zhang
North American Muay Thai Champion

Mike Gillette is a uncommon self-defense teacher who is aware of the way to not solely assist folks attain their potential, but additionally the way to improve their potential. He is somebody who can educate, empower and enhance an individual mentally and bodily. Many folks perceive the talents, Mike understands folks.

Rob Pincus
Internationally-recognized firearms coach, creator and marketing consultant.
Featured in USA Today, The Washington Post, and World News Tonight.

These are street-level, no-holds-barred methods utilized by these in-the-know. This isn’t martial arts. You received’t take years to develop self-discipline alongside your technical capability. You get the entire self protection playbook in a single hit and I want a promise from you to make use of your highly effective abilities in a accountable method.

This ISN’T for you for those who simply need to discover ways to kick somebody’s ass. This ISN’T for you if you wish to showcase your energy. This program turns you right into a weapon if you want it. Regardless of age, capability and health, struggle off an attacker WHEN the state of affairs requires it.

Before we go on, there’s an issue – and it might comes as a shock as a result of…

80% of defending your self towards an attacker has nothing to do with the bodily. It’s psychological. Until you perceive the legal mindset, you will not defeat them.

You see, it is not a good struggle. If you are mentally under-prepared, the attacker wins. They’re an knowledgeable. They’ve years of coaching to control you and coax you down a darkish alley or into an empty car parking zone. They know the way to management their atmosphere.

And they depend on you not understanding this.

A program wants to begin with understanding legal psychology. Sure, it’s possible you’ll be taught a couple of intelligent punches and protection methods.

Yet all that is ineffective for those who crumble below the stress of a foul man tricking you into making a unsuitable transfer.

Some of those guys who showcase their self-defense movies and books must get a grip. The stage of talent wanted to tug off their fundamental strikes is CRAZY for many extraordinary folks.

If your protection system requires quite a lot of hours to grasp, you do not have a program.

The solely methods you’ll ever use are the straightforward ones.

They must work for an extraordinary individual with out prior coaching, method or capability.

So even for those who suppose you do not have time to discover ways to struggle…

I’ve already spelled out for you what is in this system. I’ve proven you ways others have used Mike’s actual world techniques taken from actual conditions.

I’ve demonstrated how this system will allow you to, irrespective of your age, health or capability.

As you will note, preparedness doesn’t suggest mastery. You needn’t spend hours practising kinds and strikes every single day. You needn’t grasp abilities that look nice, but imply nothing when it will get down and soiled.

You simply must know what WORKS.

Don’t let the simplicity of Mike’s teachings idiot you. This ISN’T fundamental. These are superior tactical strikes. The purpose they turn into a part of your arsenal is as a result of Mike is your coach.

There’s a purpose Mike has earned the popularity of being the perfect teacher of REAL LIFE self-defense. He is aware of the way to make this data a part of you. When you do that as soon as, you by no means must be taught it once more.

And it is ALWAYS there. Ready for ANY state of affairs.

Now there’s so much on this program. And I do know what you are pondering… “isn’t this going to be expensive?”

Your security and the one you love’s security is priceless. No sum of money will ever be sufficient to guard them. But let’s lower to the chase… to get entry to this sort of coaching prices cash.

The techniques taught by Mike on this program have solely ever been out there to company purchasers. United and Disney paid lots of of hundreds of {dollars} to Mike for these abilities. You do not need to.

You will not need to pay anyplace close to that.

Let’s put that in perspective. That’s lower than the price of a few over-hyped combating books from Amazon.

That’s a tiny value to pay for what might probably save your life.

If you are questioning why we’re pricing this so low, properly here is the rationale…

Everyone deserves to know the way to defend themselves and defend their household.

If you are something like me, you concentrate on your loved ones so much. You spend your waking moments feeling a deep must hold them secure, to guard them. It’s pure.

That’s why Mike and I are in full settlement. This coaching must get on the market. That’s why we’re virtually giving the sequence away.

I’m critical concerning the energy of Mike Gillette’s teachings and so I’m devoted to serving to as many individuals purchase this program as potential to share with their family members.

Buy this right now and watch it with these you care about. The peace of thoughts that they’re ready would be the best present you give them… and your self.

“Really?” I hear you say. “After viewing it once?”

Look, I do know it sounds too good to be true. Heck, I used to be skeptical once I first heard what Mike might present you in just some minutes I did not imagine my ears both.

But I simply cannot allow you to depart right now with out attempting this for your self. It’s that essential we get this into your arms, your family members arms and in entrance of anybody you actually care about.

It’s why I need to make this simple for you. Try Mike’s program for the following 60 days and for those who’re not satisfied this coaching is life-changing, I’ll offer you each penny again.

That’s zero threat and all the advantages.

I do know you’re going to be delighted by this coaching. But if, after 60 days of attempting this system, you don’t really feel safer, extra ready and assured you may deal with your self in any state of affairs, merely contact our assist workforce inside the refund interval and we’ll refund the total value. No questions requested.

How lengthy will you threat being weak?

Scan the headlines and the brand new tales for the phrases of those that are fortunate sufficient to outlive an assault. You will see the identical feedback each time…

“He came from nowhere…”

“I never thought it would happen to me…”

No-one ever thinks it should occur to them. Until it does.

Here’s the reality. It’s not private. Sometimes unhealthy issues occur to good folks by means of no fault of their very own. When you acknowledge that, you perceive why it pays to organize your self… simply in case.

Don’t wait till tomorrow. Don’t wait till subsequent week. Lift the load out of your shoulders understanding you could defend your self.

You cannot put a value on understanding deep in your soul that your family members are protected.

Invest on this and watch this with these you care most about… even when it’s simply as soon as. It might be the best present you give to your self and your family members – the peace of thoughts that they’re empowered to remain secure and get house.

Remember, preparation doesn’t suggest accepting violence. It means liberating you and people you care about from the worry you’ll endure by the hands of an attacker.

I’ve defined every little thing that REAL LIFE Self-Defense gives and also you’ve seen intimately how understanding this prepares you for any unexpected horrible state of affairs.

Mike Gillette’s highly effective technique of educating has already proven folks from all walks of life, similar to you and I, the way to:

So you will have two decisions proper now:

Tell your self you may take care of this “some other day” and return to your life. Hoping you by no means need to expertise the horror of an assault earlier than you get round to studying the way to defend and survive.

Take motion, put money into REAL LIFE Self-Defense and put aside the concern and worry that comes from not feeling like you recognize what to do in a foul state of affairs.

Almost as quickly as you begin this system, you’ll expertise what each different REAL LIFE Self-Defense scholar experiences. That eye-opening second if you notice “yes, I can do this!”.

Once you begin to grasp the psychology of worry, it appears like a veil is being lifted and also you begin to see the world in another way. And all the concern that’s making you paranoid or afraid of the world is completely unfounded. You step out every single day understanding you’ve received this coated.

Trust the world’s greatest teacher on this topic, Mike Gillette, to provide the confidence to take care of any state of affairs.

You’ll additionally really feel nice if you share this coaching with these you care about. Imagine how good it should really feel understanding you’ve got helped them put together for ANYTHING.

Within a couple of weeks of discovering this system, you are feeling a change come over you. You suppose with larger readability and goal. And everybody you recognize notices.

You maintain your self in another way. You see issues others don’t.

You’ve discovered to manage worry. And you recognize that when it’s worthwhile to, you are somebody that should not be messed with.

Choose to be THAT individual proper now and act decisively. Hit the Buy button beneath, punch in your bank card particulars and inside minutes you’ll obtain log-in particulars so you may defend your self and family members.

Lastly I’d wish to let you know one thing concerning the magnitude and scope of this product. As somebody who has noticed the self-defense info panorama for a few years, I can guarantee you that NO ONE has put out this a lot top-level content material on this matter….PERIOD.

I actually admire you for benefiting from this life-saving materials.

Mike Westerdal, SPC

P.S. Discover the way to put together your self for ANYTHING with Mike Gillette’s REAL LIFE Self-Defense RISK FREE with our 60 day a refund assure.

P.P.P.S. Just suppose… if a 70-year-old air flight attendant who has NEVER lifted a finger in anger might bodily overcome a younger, fitter and stronger assailant utilizing what Mike Gillette confirmed her in lower than half-hour… think about what YOU might do with this coaching.

After taking this self-defense class with Mike Gillette, I really feel extra ready to determine potential hazard and defend myself bodily. Mike teaches easy-to-remember methods that can be utilized by anybody. I introduced my 13-year-old daughter with me and she or he was profitable at performing all the talents that had been taught.

Keri Schultz Christensen
Mental Health Therapist
Anamosa, Iowa

As a nature photographer, I incessantly discover myself outdoor in secluded areas earlier than dawn and after sundown. While these hours present the perfect gentle for images, it is not the most secure time of day to be alone, and in some conditions my ideas focus extra on my fears than my craft.

Truthfully, since buying Mike Gillette’s REAL LIFE Self Defense video sequence my anxieties in these early morning and late conditions have considerably subsided. REAL LIFE Self Defense has offered me with the boldness to know that I can defend myself.

Matthew Gehly
Greenville, PA

I’ve all the time been a really passive and mild individual. The concept of defending myself all the time appeared not possible. Impossible as a result of I wouldn’t know what to do and not possible as a result of I didn’t suppose I might have the power to face as much as an attacker. As a lady although, the considered potential assault is continually on my thoughts.

Since watching Mike Gillette’s REAL LIFE Self Defense video sequence I really feel assured that I might defend myself if the worst occurred. The self-defense methods taught are easy sufficient to recollect below a time of maximum stress and I do know now from watching this video sequence that generally simply placing up a struggle is sufficient to get away.

Amanda Kohl
St. Petersburg, FL

After watching Mike Gillette’s REAL LIFE Self Defense product I really feel a heightened sense of consciousness about my environment.

I spotted {that a} unhealthy state of affairs can usually be averted utterly just by studying to hearken to my intestine emotions and instinct. Bad guys can act good however give off a foul vibe. Thinks I by no means seen earlier than stand out proper strategy to me now and I can simply keep away from your entire state of affairs earlier than it goes down.

As a recording artist, I work in plenty of completely different environments and it helps me to focus and carry out higher once I know I can belief my instincts and be ready if one thing had been to occur. I extremely suggest this product to anybody and it is value 100x’s the worth for positive.

Recording Artist
Trinity, FL

Q: I’ve by no means accomplished any self-defense or combating earlier than. Will this work for me?

A: Mike Gillette has created a program particularly designed to take ANYONE no matter age, measurement or capability and remodel them right into a weapon towards an attacker. Unlike martial arts and different fight sports activities, REAL LIFE Self-Defense doesn’t depend on spending hours and hours studying complicated, fancy strikes. All the strikes are easy, simple to be taught and – importantly – simpler than many of the techniques different applications and trainers attempt to educate.

Q: How does the assure work?

A: We’re so assured you’re going to like this system, we’re positive you’ll be delighted with each side of it from begin to end. However, we perceive with the quantity of misinformation on the market available in the market, you’re rightly skeptical about this which is regular. That’s why we’re taking all the chance and providing a no query anakiwas requested, problem free assure. Try this system for 60-days and for those who’re not completely ecstatic about your determination simply ship an electronic mail to our pleasant buyer assist desk for an instantaneous refund.

Q: Is this applicable to point out my children?

A: One of the good issues about this program is Mike has designed it for use by the entire household. It’s not unusual for folks to look at this together with their children. In reality, we suggest it as you’ll uncover the way to plan forward for the very worst as a household. Again, it’s not sensationalist or crammed with hype. Mike Gillette merely delivers the suitable classes in the suitable manner so that you choose up the strikes and perceive the teachings as shortly and successfully as potential.

Q: Why does not it value extra?

Q: What format is that this introduced in?

A: The program is delivered as a sequence of on-line movies, all recorded in excessive definition. As quickly as your buy has been confirmed you’ll obtain log-in particulars to the portal the place it is possible for you to to view or obtain the movies at your comfort to look at in your pc, telephone or pill.

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